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How far in advance should I place my order?
We appreciate 24 hours’ notice for all catering orders but do understand that things come up and you may need a last minute order. If you’re able to plan ahead for your event, we encourage you to place your order as soon as you have all of the necessary info to ensure a timely delivery and setup.

Can I have my catering order delivered? How long does it take to set up? 
Yes, we would love to deliver your catering order.  Most of our locations will have a $25 delivery/set-up charge. Once the delivery driver arrives, typical set up takes about 20 minutes.  Larger catering orders and/or special locations may require additional set up time.

Can I pick up my catering order directly from the store? 
Absolutely! If you do this, there is no $25 delivery/set-up charge.  PLEASE be sure to take note of which store you have requested your order to be ready for pick up though.  We have 10 stores in the Charlotte Metro market and 4 in the Raleigh/Durham market.

Do I need to supply my own forks, plates and napkins?
Chafing rack sets, eco-friendly bowls, forks and napkins are supplied with all hot bar orders. These items will not be provided if you order boxed lunches.

What if some of my guests have dietary restrictions or an allergy?

Please refer to our nutritional & allergen guides to learn which of our items best meet your guest’s needs. Please be sure to inform the restaurant and delivery driver of any allergy-related concerns when placing your order.

Do you have vegetarian and/or vegan catering options?
While all of our hot bars focus on a meat option, they also include rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, a variety of salsas, sour cream and guacamole.  Fajita veggies, queso and soft/crispy tortillas can be added to any order for those with vegetarian or vegan diets.
Do you accept checks for catering?
If a corporate account has been established with our catering department, business checks for catering orders may be permitted upon delivery. Speak to a catering team member for more information on this. Personal checks are not accepted.
Can I order extra items ala carte?
Yes, extra of most of our catering items can be ordered ala carte to support your event’s needs.
How much space will I need to setup my catering?
We recommend having at least one 6-8 ft. table for serving on orders smaller than 30 people; 2 tables are recommended for orders between 30 and 100.

Do I need to bring any items back to the restaurant?

No, you do not need to bring anything back to the restaurant as everything included with our catering is disposable. However, we do appreciate when guests return the wire chafing racks and will reward you with free entrée coupons for each rack that is returned to a participating restaurant.

Does Qdoba offer any type of rewards or loyalty program for catering?
Of course! Actually, we encourage it! Visit   to learn more about our Qdoba rewards loyalty program.  You can sign up here as well if you are not a member yet.
Why can’t I order catering online along with retail orders?
In order to provide you with the best customer service possible, we’ve separated the two ways to order with us.  Since catering needs more advance notice to prepare, this must be ordered separately from our in-store online ordering of individual items.